Emily is a graduate of Hunter College, a part of the City University of New York. She majored in Media Studies and has a minor in Art History. When she's not working on building H&P, she works as an Associate Digital Video Producer at Oxygen Media/NBCUniversal.

She's been making jewelry since she was ten years old, and began selling her handmade anklets on the beaches of Long Island since she was twelve. In December of 2009, she started selling online and has been an Etsy seller since January 2011.  Most recently, she has been designing and sewing tote bags, wristlets, gadget sleeves, etc.

While she does not literally wear them often, she figuratively wears many hats. She's a video editor, a super-small business owner, a jewelry designer, and she also considers herself a professional beach-goer. She also really, really likes drinking tea.


As a lifelong educator and lover of literature, Fran finds it very difficult to leave the profession she has loved for so many years. But life is a series of changes, and we need to embrace those changes in the best way we can.

It has been said that one must work at the thing he loves so that work becomes less of a chore and more of a hobby. She has done that for the past 33 years, sharing her love of books with young people, hoping to infect as many of them as she could with the fever for books, introducing them to as many of her character “friends” as she could. What a thrill for her to have a student tell her that Sydney Carton or Tom Joad or Huck or her beloved Hester has now become a lifelong friend to him as well.

But just as joyful has been another love of hers-baking and cooking. Since she was a little girl in Home Ec class, she has reveled in sugar and flour. From baking “road trip muffins” for her family vacations to the Italian cheesecake she wowed her future husband with her famous jelly nut cookies, known to her friends simply as, “THE COOKIE," her sweets have given so many people those brief moments of satisfaction that only a great confection can. And she has so loved the instant gratification she receives when she sees that look of bliss on people’s faces.

Our Story

We at Hester & Pearl are a mother and daughter pair from Long Island, New York who aspire to turn our respective businesses into one thriving, joint business.  Francine, a recent retired high school English teacher of 33 years has a passion for baking.  Emily, a recent college graduate, has a passion for crafting.  Together, we have some bold plans to open a store: part café, part retail boutique to sell Francine's home-baked goods and Emily's handcrafted jewelry and totes.  We have a love for all things handmade, and hope to fill our future store with arts and crafts from local artists as well as artists from around the country.  We want our store to be a center of community for the residents of Long Island, a place where one can go to relax, play a board game, spend some time with old friends, and perhaps meet some new friends.

Right now, we are trying to gather some money together to open this café within the next couple of years.